Sunday, 10 June 2007

Summer is here

...finally. In fact, it is already a bit too hot for too much activity. When horseriding this morning

Marie had to slow down. The poor pony was too warm and sweaty to do a trot.

The lovely weather made me want to finish some summery knitting. And I really need a new top in a teal/petrol colour. Digging out an old WIP in Blue Heron Cotton/Rayon Seed it dawned on me, why iy has lingered so long in the WIP pile: I really find it difficult to knit that yarn in a fast pace, because it is rather nupply. And the lacy pattern I had envisioned didn't really show well. So off the needles it came

and instead I cast on something easy-peasy in the lovely Linea from Garnharvan, that I mentioned a while back.

Sitting in the shade, knitting - life is great! And soon our house renovation will be so much over, that it will be possible to put the smallish garden in order again.

But maybe we should just let it be wild. It is in fact rather cosy here.


alltangledup said...

that looks like a big horse for a small child! Seriously though, when the yarn doesn't seem to work, rip it straight away. The longer that you wait, the more that you'll need to rip.

vanessa said...

your daughter is too cute!

Laurel said...

I love the pony picture! Marie looks like a *very* happy little girl. :-)