Sunday, 21 October 2007

Where did that summer go?

No I'm not complaining. I love the autumn season. But the last tree months just seems to have gone by so quickly. Oh, looking at my saved photos I can see that they were at least put to use here around.

Summer vacation this year was a trip to Trinidad & Tobago. Rather exotic for this dane, but as my youngest niece was getting married on Tobago, I thought I'd rather go.

Kiddo absolutely loved being a brides maid!

Danish beaches are usually really good. But they do not have palm threes like this

And we rarely have these views

And certainly the flora and fauna on Trinidad are not really like the danish. We have no humming-birds

and our flowers does not look like this

I think that I could have stayed for a month just looking at this

though it made me think of "Gorillas in the Mist" more than of leaving the Asa Wright Nature Center on Trinidad.

I thought that vampires and such were mostly at home in Transylvania. But maybe they also live on Trinidad?

After going home again to dull, old Denmark where it was rainy or cloudy for most of the summer's end, we did manage to harvest some of the best fruits around, the summer berries

Actually we don't have any berry bushes ourselves, but I always get to loot the bushes by my sisters summer cottage, and we just love to make berry compot/stewed fruit, marmelade and berry muffins. Yummy!

In the last part of summer we managed to also get a trip to Lego-land in Billund, the home of Lego. And a bit of sword fighting just fit the bill after surviving one of the new attractions, a waterfall roller-coaster

I was really a baaad Rowanette this year. Managed to be awfull late in getting my gift for the annual exchange finished,

but it went in the mail just before I left for London. Went there to visit with knitting-friends that I know through knitting lists, and to go to Ally-Pally for the first time. I had a truly wonderful time in London; being with such nice knitters is always a treat!

Regarding the Ally-Pally visit I tried to be a very moderate shopper, and only (mostly?) buy things that are not readily available here in Denmark (ahem - rather easy, as I can usually only get "foreign" brand yarns through internet-shopping, unless it is those large british brand-names like Rowan or Debbie Bliss). So my Ally-Pally loot

mainly consisted of Habu yarns. I love Habu yarns!

The rest of the London trip was spent on both cultural and yarny doings. I had a visit to the V&A, but also managed to do a bit of damage at Stash in Putney, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely and Liberty. My poor feet!

Came home again at the start of the school's autumn break. So we have spent the last week kite-flying

and a lot of other autumn-doings. Halloween in the US form is not traditionally celebrated here in Denmark, but it has started creeping in. Tivoli in Copenhagen has happily adopted Halloween now, as a means to prolong the season in the amusement park, and so we had to go there together with all the other Copenhageners with kids. Apparently, spinning is a pastime for Halloween witches, at least those in Tivoli

but thankfully, there are also more peaceful pumpkin scare-crows.

As a service to the tourists, Tivoli has translated the info-signs to english

but maybe a little proof-reading would be appropriate? Well, at least the danish opening hours are before the closing ones ;-) Nope, it was not just on this one sign - it was all of them.

Never mind, we had a really good time, and enjoyed the pumpkins all over the place, and the illuminations that came on with the dusk.

Ack, this post was a little long, and a little picture-heavy. But that is probably what happens when trying to cover more than 3 months in one blog post... I'll try to do better next time ;-)

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