Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Summer creativity buzz

Summer continues here in the small country of milk and honey ;-)

Realising that kiddo has in fact grown since last summer, I have started producing some summer clothes for her. Usually I buy 99 % of her clothing, and produce very little of it myself. I decided that it should be different this summer.

This fun Westfalen-fabric

has been cut out, and is all ready to be sewn together for a dress. And as if I didn't have enough cotton material in stash already, I have bought some of the wonderful Echino/Etsuko Ladybug fabric for another dress for Marie. I have searched the internets for a really long time to find it available in the red colourway, and I was suddently lucky that Kris had some available. Maybe I overbought a bit, but it is a lovely fabric - in fact I am totally smitten with all those georgeous Echino fabrics! If I was to make something for myself, it should have been in the aqua colourway, but Marie loves reds and pinks. And the danish word for ladybug translates to "marie-hen", so she has as special relationship with ladybugs ;-)

The fabric arrived this week, and sweet Kris had included some extras

much to Marie's pleasure, as she loves when I sew something for her with accents of Amy Butler fabrics.

Hopefully I will find moments to sew those two dresses this week, as it looks like some of the fine weather is here to stay for a while. If I can decide, we are fine with temperatures around 25C. The suffocating 30C and high humidity we have had for the last week is a bit too much to be enjoyable, and it is also a bit out of character for a danish summer. Can you say "global warming"?


Kris said...

Thank you for the kind words Bettina! Can't wait to see the dress :) ~ Kris

May said...

Hi, Bettina! I did not know you sew, too. You have to show us what you make out of those cute fabrics.

jenny s said...

Love that red-and-white fabric, Bettina. I wish my girls were still small enough to wear things like that! Enjoy it while you've got it..